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Council agrees a hard line on tackling irresponsible dog ownership

Posted on : 07 Sep 2017

Council agrees a hard line on tackling irresponsible dog ownership
Council agrees a hard line on tackling irresponsible dog ownership

New proposals which aim to tackle irresponsible dog ownership and dog fouling across Caerphilly county borough have been agreed by the council’s Cabinet this week (Wednesday 6th September).

The new measures will provide an opportunity to enhance the council’s ability to enforce against irresponsible dog owners. 

The measures are being introduced through a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), which is a national piece of legislation which can be used by councils to regulate activities in particular public places to ensure that the law abiding majority can use and enjoy public spaces safe from anti-social behaviour.

Caerphilly’s Cabinet Members unanimously agreed to the following restrictions being imposed as part of the Public Spaces Protection Order:

  • Excluding dogs from all enclosed children’s play and multi-use games areas
  • ​Requiring dogs to be kept on leads in enclosed memorial gardens
  • Requiring dog owners to remove dog faeces in public places
  • Requiring dog owners to carry an appropriate receptacle for dealing with the waste that their dogs produce (that is, to always have the means to pick up their dog faeces)
  • Requiring dog owners to put their dogs on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer on any public land, where the dog is considered to be out of control or causing harm or distress to prevent a nuisance

Cabinet Member for the Environment and Public Protection, Cllr Eluned Stenner explains the background to the implementation of these new measures. She says, “Dog fouling and irresponsible dog ownership are issues which are consistently raised by residents, local councillors and others as having a negative impact on their quality of life. We acknowledge that the majority of our residents who own dogs act responsibly, but the fact remains that there are a small minority who certainly couldn’t be considered responsible. We felt the need to look into this further to explore additional ways to address these issues”.

Extensive public consultation on the proposals was carried out before they were agreed, with residents, local community groups and other interested parties encouraged to have their say.

Additionally, as a result of the consultation, Cabinet Members listened to feedback received from residents and local groups regarding the possibility of excluding of dogs from all council owned marked sports and playing pitches. Cabinet agreed to review this issue after a period of 12 months once the impact of the other measures in the Public Spaces Protection Order can be established.

Cllr Eluned Stenner added, “Through the implementation of this Public Spaces Protection Order, it will provide additional powers and enhance our ability to enforce against irresponsible dog owners. I am sure these additional measures will be welcomed by our residents, and hope that our communities can see how seriously we take these issues”.

To report instances of dog fouling in Caerphilly county borough, please visit or call 01443 866 566

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