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Housing benefit helps you pay your rent if you are on a low income. The amount of housing benefit you can get is worked out by looking at:

  • how much money you have coming in
  • your personal circumstances and the amount of rent you have to pay
  • the amount of savings you have

Try these benefits calculators to see what help you can get.

Who can apply?

The scheme applies to:

  • anyone paying rent
  • tenants living in council property or housing association property (these tenants may be affected by under occupancy restrictions)
  • tenants living in privately rented accommodation (the allowance for these tenants is known as Local Housing Allowance)
  • tenants living in a hostel
Please note: On Monday 4 May 2015 Universal Credit was introduced into the Caerphilly county borough by the Department for Work and Pensions. If you claim Universal Credit, this will include housing costs which means you will not need to make a separate claim for housing benefit.

How do I claim?

If you are already claiming housing benefit and wish to tell us about a change to your claim, you will need to complete a change of circumstances form.

To make a new claim for housing benefit you need to fill in an application form. You can apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction using the same form. The online form is easy to use and means we can assess your claim more quickly. Click on the green button below to start your online claim.

What can I do if my claim is refused?

If you are not happy with our decision about your claim for housing benefit, you can make an appeal.

Change in circumstances

If you are claiming housing benefit or have been told that you are getting housing benefit you must tell us about changes that might affect your benefit straight away. The decision to award you benefits is based on your circumstances at the time the claim is made.

Failure to report these changes to us could mean that either we are paying you too much benefit, or that we are not paying you enough.

Claims for free school meals

If you are in receipt of housing benefit, you may also be entitled to claim free school meals for any children you are responsible for. This could save you as much as £400 per year per child. Visit our free school meals section for details.

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