Tell us about changes to your circumstances

If you are already receiving housing benefit and/or a council tax reduction and your circumstances change you must tell us about those changes straight away.

If you don't tell us of any changes you may receive too much benefit and any overpayments will have to be paid back. You could also lose money if you don't report certain changes, for example, if your rent goes up.

Changes you need to tell us about

You need to tell us if any of the following changes happen to you or to anyone who lives with you:

  • you move to a different address
  • anyone moves in or out of your home
  • you or your partner have stopped working
  • you or your partner start working or become self employed
  • the hours either you or your partner works go up or down
  • either you or your partner's pay/wages go up or down
  • the amount you pay for childcare costs goes up or down
  • the amount of savings you have goes up or down
  • you or anyone else who lives with you leaves the country or is in prison or hospital
  • the birth of a child
  • any child (18 years or over) starts or leaves school or university
  • you or anyone else who lives with you pay/wages go up or down
  • someone who lives with you has died
  • your tax credits go up or down
  • your jobseekers allowance, income support, employment support allowance or any other type of benefits you receive changes or stops
  • any other change not listed above which you think could change the amount of benefit you get

If you require any further information or advice, please contact us.