Pwll-y-Pant roundabout highway improvement works
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Google Maps and - live traffic information

Live traffic showing delays can be viewed using Google Maps to zoom into the area and switching on the ‘Traffic’ view.

You can view traffic information from Caerphilly and the Pwll-y-Pant Roundabout on is the most comprehensive source of up-to-date roadworks information in the UK.. Just click on the link and search for Caerphilly. is updated every 30 minutes therefore delivering real-time access to local roadworks information across nearly 100 local authorities (rising rapidly as more LAs sign up to the service) as well as motorways and trunk routes across England and Wales. is free to view - users are able to view precisely where and when roadworks are taking place on a map, who is responsible for them, and assess the likely impact on journey times. You can even sign up to receive email alerts about future planned works in your area.

Progress updates

Week one (w/c 9th October) – summary of works completed:

  • Traffic management & CCTV installed on roundabout
  • Trial holes to locate services (gas, electricity, telecoms etc)
  • Site clearance & kerbing of the roundabout
  • Topsoil strip & knotweed control measures on the Trecenydd arm

Next week the focus of the works will include:

  • Establish site compound
  • Continuing site clearance of the roundabout
  • Plane out carriageway & excavate to formation
  • Topsoil strip & site clearance of the Trecenydd & Pontygwindy arms

Meet the project team

CCBC and Walters have arranged a further “Meet the Project Team” event.  The event will follow the same format as previous events and will be a drop in session where members are available throughout the times stated below. During the event, you will have the opportunity to discuss the improvement works with members of the Project Team from both Walters and Caerphilly CBC.

The additional “Meet the Project Team Event” will be held at:

  • OAP Welfare Hall, High Street, Llanbradach for the 19th October 2017, from 3.30pm until 6:45pm.

Proposed Layout

The map of the proposed works is available to view below: -

Frequently asked questions

Why are the delays so severe!?

This question has been asked many times. See below for details on the traffic management but it has been noted that driver behaviour also plays a part in how well the traffic management works, and can increase delays. We would ask that all drivers are patient, behave courteously to their fellow drivers and follow the Highway Code.

Help keep Caerphilly moving:

  • Use both lanes to queue on the approach from Llanbradach
  • Merge in turn where the two lanes converge
  • Use indicators on the roundabout correctly. Take care not to indicate left too soon; this can cause confusion particularly to drivers from Heol Pwllypant and Corbetts Lane.

In addition, please can we ask you to drive slowly on the roundabout itself, allowing time for queueing vehicles to pull out safely ahead of you.

These small changes can have a big impact on overall queueing times.

What benefits will the scheme deliver?

  • Overall reduction in current journey times
  • Reduction in queue lengths on the approaches to the roundabout
  • Increased capacity to accommodate future traffic growth
  • A new link at the foot of the existing over bridge, which means that pedestrians will no longer need to walk through the Pontygwindy Industrial Estate
  • A new controlled pedestrian crossing on the A468/9
  • Safer entry to the roundabout from Corbetts Lane and Heol Pwllypant
  • Futureproof - no further maintenance works should be necessary for some time, and the junction will be ready for any further dualling of Trecenydd and Bedwas arms.

Who should I contact if I have a problem or for information during the works?

  • Highway Services can be reached on 01443 815588
  • Note that the most effective way for CCBC to provide considered responses is to use the link below and complete the details of your issue or query, including your contact details. Your issue will be formally logged and you will receive a response via email.

When will the works start and finish?

  • The planned construction period is 12 months, but opportunities to reduce this will be reviewed and the period shortened if at all possible
  • Start on site Monday, 9th Oct 2017
  • Current planned completion date, 8th October 2018

Planned phases of work – Note that throughout the whole works, traffic management will be encountered on all the approaches to bring them down to single lane. See FAQ below for further ifnormation.

  • Roundabout gyratory - October 2017 to December 2017
  • Trecenydd Arm - October 2017 to March 2018
  • Pontygwindy Road northbound - October 2017 to March 2018
  • Pontygwindy Road southbound - October 2017 to December 2017
  • Heol Pwllypant - January 2018 to April 2018
  • A468 Bedwas Arm - October 2017 to July 2018
  • South side of Corbetts Lane - October 2017 to February 2018 in three phases
  • A469 Llandradach Arm - December 2017 to June 2018
  • Surfacing of all roads - June 2018 to September 2018

How will the proposed works affect travel?

  • There will be a need for traffic management throughout the construction works; delays are likely to your current journey times
  • There will be road closure and diversions during the surfacing work near the end of the construction period in 2018. Dates and diversion routes will be advertised nearer the time and diversions will be signed
  • Throughout the works, all approaches and exits on the roundabout will be single lane, including the roundabout itself. As construction work progresses, two-lane exits will be available which will help improve traffic flow and reduce delays

Will the Traffic Management be in place all the time?

  • The nature of the work requires excavation of the existing carriageway so the traffic management will be place 24/7 throughout the construction period. As soon as safe to do so, the traffic management will be removed and the carriageway reopened. Inspections will be carried out outside working hours and there will be a contact number advertised to report any issues.

Can’t the cones be moved at peak times?

The Traffic management has been installed to allow worker and plant access to the central roundabout. As the carriageway is excavated it will become clear why the cones have to remain in place

Why is there no work going on inside some of the cones? Can’t these lanes be opened?

The cones installed on the approach arms are not set up to allow work to take place, they are there to close the approaches down to a single lane prior to vehicles arriving at the roundabout. There is only one lane available on the roundabout and at the exits so the approaches also have to be single lane to avoid conflict between vehicles trying to move into the same space. Note that as well as providing safety for traveling public and workers, this arrangement is a legal requirement (refer to Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 8 if you need further details).

Why have we ‘coned’ already when the work going on at the moment is minimal?

  • The cones you can see installed on the approach arms are not set up to allow work to take place, they are there to close the approaches to single lane prior to vehicles arriving at the roundabout. The Traffic management has been installed to allow access to the central roundabout, where the first phase of work is being carried out. It is not possible to cross the existing three lanes of traffic so the roundabout needs to be closed down to one lane even at these early stages.

The two lanes coming down the bypass towards Caerphilly merge into one lane. Could we not start filtering a bit further up the bypass? Drivers are not allowing cars to merge and this is causing a bottle neck.

  • The intention is that vehicles on the by-pass should use both lanes to queue, and there are signs installed indicating this.  Drivers should merge in turn, in accordance with the Highway Code

The reduction of the roundabout to a single lane will cause severe delays. Isn’t there a better way?

  • It is not possible to construct a scheme of this magnitude without disruption. The strategy has been to target the greatest area of disruption early in the works and it is anticipated that delays will reduce over time as phases of work come online.

What times will work be happening?

  • The Normal working hours will be Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm and Saturday between 8am and 1pm.

Will there be any overnight working?

  • There is no night working currently planned, however, the Contractor may request consent to work outside these hours, this will be subject to authorisation by the Council.

​Will access to my property be restricted at any time?

  • Access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Will there be traffic lights used?

  • The sections where the new works join the existing carriageway on the Trecenydd and Bedwas Arms will be carried out under traffic lights. Every effort will be made to minimise the time that the lights are used but they will be in place 24/7 until the carriageway section is suitable for traffic again.

​Will the existing pedestrian crossing on Llanbradach arm be closed during the works?

  • Whenever possible there will be a temporary controlled signal crossing available, although there will be times when the work has closed the footpath, that there will not be a crossing. All existing pedestrian facilities will remain open at all times until an adequate safe alternative has been provided.  This alternative will be approved by the Council.

Will bus stops/routes be affected by the works?

  • The Contractor is under a contractual requirement to liaise with the various bus companies that operate within the scheme vicinity and provide them with notice of any forthcoming road closures or any restrictions that will affect bus stops or bus routes.

Why was the decision made not to work through the night?

  • The roundabout is sited in a densely populated area and the Council has to give consideration to the noise nuisance that would be caused to residents by working at night. For this reason there is no night working currently planned, however, the Contractor may request consent to work outside these hours, this will be subject to authorisation by the Council.

Why were residents not pre-warned via signage in advance?

  • There was a short mobilisation period for this scheme but every effort was made to communicate what was happening, and why.
  • Warning signs were erected prior to the start of works.
  • In addition to this the scheme has been widely advertised, publicity to date has included:
    • letter drops to over 600 residents who live in the immediate vicinity to the scheme
    • notification to YYF hospital
    • a dedicated Pwllypant website,
    • road works alerts,
    • Use of social medial such as linked in, Facebook Twitter, etc., local newspapers and use of adjacent local authority websites.
    • Drop-in sessions, which were advertised on the Pwllypant website, Twitter and Facebook, have also been held.

The font is very small on signage, why?

  • Welsh and English translations have to fit onto the signs and this can mean that sometimes the size of the lettering is restricted. If larger font size is used then the signs can become too large to fit into the verge.  CCBC have used font sizes as advised in “The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016” guidance.

How will emergency services get through the gridlock?

  • Emergency vehicles can overtake queues using their ‘blues and twos’, as they would in any situation where there is standing traffic. There is an emergency vehicle plan for the site and they would be allowed into the works area if necessary – there should always be routes available.

How can we maintain access to and from the Hospital?

  • Sufficient time should be given to allow for any delays. In an emergency, ambulances would be able to get through.  YYF have also been informed of the works and traffic management meetings take place with emergency service providers.

I am losing trade as a result of the delays/ works – am I entitled to compensation?

  • The usual remedy where a business believes it is suffering from trade disruption caused by building / engineering works in the surrounding area is to seek a reduction in the rateable value of the premises by completing an appeal form issued by the Valuation Office Agency (part of the Inland Revenue).  The Valuation Office Agency is responsible for determining the rateable value of all business premises.  The Authority would encourage all businesses to contact the Valuation Office Agency immediately and submit an appeal against their rateable value (photographs to evidence the extent of the work and its proximity to your premises should be submitted).  Their telephone number is 03000 5055 505.

Timeline of key milestones 

  • 7th June 2017 - Cabinet approved proposals for the Pwll-y-Pant roundabout improvement scheme as a priority highway scheme on 7th June 2017
  • 26th January 2015 to 13th March 2015 - Consultation survey results |  Summary of results (PDF) |  Questionnaire results (PDF)
  • 29th January 2015 to 5th March 2015 - Three Public Information days held to enable residents, businesses and other interested groups to view details of the planned improvements

Further Information

For concerns about the scheme itself, for information on the design, to raise concerns about impact on local business, please select the link below