Caerphilly County Borough Council Elections 2012
Independent 3
Plaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales 20
Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 0
Welsh Conservatives 0
Welsh Labour 50
Welsh Liberal Democrats 0
  73 of 73 seats declared
Aber Valleyelectorate : 4439turnout : 35.5%
Binding Lyndon JohnPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales73416.98%elected
Crothers Luke JohnWelsh Labour56813.14% 
Mitchell PaulWelsh Labour66915.48% 
Racz IstvanIndependent1764.07% 
Roberts John ErylPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales81418.83%elected
Taylor JohnPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales84819.62%elected
Thomas BethanWelsh Labour51311.87% 

Aberbargoedelectorate : 2502
Higgs AlanWelsh Labourelected
Reynolds KeithWelsh Labourelected

Abercarnelectorate : 3886turnout : 34.25%
Hill Helen MariaWelsh Conservatives1456.03% 
James KenWelsh Labour85035.36%elected
Jones JillPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales32913.69% 
Knock JeffPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales30912.85% 
Preece DenverWelsh Labour77132.07%elected

Argoedelectorate : 1948turnout : 34.86%
Gardiner LeonWelsh Labour41060.65%elected
James HelenWelsh Conservatives314.59% 
Moore RogerPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales14721.75% 
Taylor PaulIndependent8813.02% 

Bargoedelectorate : 4286turnout : 33.95%
Carter DavidWelsh Labour97323.85%elected
Davies TudorWelsh Labour102625.15%elected
Houston KenPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales3538.65% 
Jones GillPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales3979.73% 
Price DianneWelsh Labour89521.94%elected
Viney KevinPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales43610.69% 

Bedwas, Trethomas and Machenelectorate : 7608turnout : 37.89%
Aldworth LizWelsh Labour157416.27%elected
Barry DenisIndependent5085.25% 
Davies John RaymondIndependent4845% 
Davies RonPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales6646.86% 
Davies RayWelsh Labour185419.17%elected
Douglas BobbyIndependent4094.23% 
Gale JuneWelsh Labour118112.21%elected
Havard DerekWelsh Labour128213.25%elected
Hobbs ColinIndependent4384.53% 
Innes MalcolmIndependent2542.63% 
James Ceri AnnIndependent3894.02% 
Jones Clayton FrancisPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales2582.67% 
Thomas BillIndependent3783.91% 

Blackwoodelectorate : 6222turnout : 35.41%
Cook PatriciaWelsh Labour96616.39%elected
Dix NigelWelsh Labour111618.93%elected
Ellis DianaWelsh Labour94616.05%elected
Erasmus CarolPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales2534.29% 
Farina-Childs AndrewPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales3525.97% 
Hale Granville RobertWelsh Conservatives1482.51% 
Jackson MikePlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales2353.99% 
Jones StuartWelsh Conservatives1442.44% 
Morris PatWelsh Conservatives1823.09% 
Presley KayIndependent71912.2% 
Smallman KeithIndependent83314.13% 

Cefn Fforestelectorate : 2732turnout : 40.04%
Davies DelwynPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales1186.06% 
Dimond RobertPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales1105.65% 
Elstone NealIndependent20810.68% 
Hawker ChrisWelsh Labour71936.93%elected
Williams TomWelsh Labour79240.68%elected

Crosskeyselectorate : 2424turnout : 40.88%
Cook Christopher Phillip NormanPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales12612.74% 
Evans Lindsay CharlesIndependent28128.41% 
Gray MichaelWelsh Labour54354.9%elected
Phillips WendyWelsh Conservatives393.94% 

Crumlinelectorate : 4329turnout : 36.34%
Chivers JoannaWelsh Conservatives1365.27% 
Jenkins VeraPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales68226.43% 
Lewis AndrewWelsh Labour87733.99%elected
Lloyd KeithPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales80731.28%elected
Robertson Julie JaneWelsh Conservatives783.02% 

Darren Valleyelectorate : 1814
Hardacre David ThomasWelsh Labourelected

Gilfachelectorate : 1497turnout : 43.29%
Andrews HarryWelsh Labour55385.87%elected
Viney MarianPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales9114.13% 

Hengoedelectorate : 3624turnout : 31.37%
Bolter DennisPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales58627.45%elected
Griffiths BillWelsh Labour50323.56% 
Pritchard Judith AnnPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales57526.93%elected
Quarry NicolaWelsh Labour47122.06% 

Llanbradachelectorate : 3137turnout : 39.15%
Callanan MaryWelsh Labour34314.85% 
Collins StephenWelsh Conservatives532.29% 
Gough Robert WilliamPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales75632.73%elected
Jones TerryIndependent944.07% 
Mann Colin PeterPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales71530.95%elected
Muir-Jones CameronWelsh Conservatives421.82% 
Rao JoWelsh Labour30713.29% 

Maesycwmmerelectorate : 1667
Woodyatt RobinWelsh Labourelected

Morgan Joneselectorate : 4931turnout : 33.75%
Bevan PhilPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales85220.71%elected
Birkinshaw AnnWelsh Conservatives1613.91% 
Broughton-Pettit Anne OliviaWelsh Labour67316.36% 
Goward NevilleWelsh Conservatives1403.4% 
Newman MarkPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales68816.72% 
Prew MikePlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales69516.89%elected
Pritchard JamesWelsh Labour73217.79%elected
Williams BarrieWelsh Conservatives1734.21% 

Moriahelectorate : 3114turnout : 36.64%
Bevan GinaWelsh Labour54326.83%elected
Bevan JohnWelsh Labour69834.49%elected
Flanagan NathanPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales42020.75% 
Jones LynnIndependent36317.93% 

Nelsonelectorate : 3456turnout : 41.67%
Baldwin PamWelsh Labour66825.39% 
Blackman AnneIndependent67125.5%elected
David KayWelsh Liberal Democrats1214.6% 
Morgan SeanWelsh Labour82831.47%elected
Price HuwWelsh Liberal Democrats361.37% 
Tucker Marlene AnnIndependent30711.67% 

New Tredegarelectorate : 3319turnout : 35.58%
Jones MorganIndependent36217.48% 
Jones GeraldWelsh Labour96546.6%elected
Rees LesWelsh Labour74435.92%elected

Newbridgeelectorate : 4830turnout : 33.17%
Ackerman LynPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales85424.36%elected
Baker KathPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales69619.85%elected
Davies MikePlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales65018.54% 
Johnston GaryWelsh Labour93226.58%elected
Matthews Terri-AnneWelsh Conservatives2266.45% 
Williams Andrew RichardWelsh Conservatives1484.22% 

Pengamelectorate : 2673turnout : 38.12%
Dawson KevinWelsh Labour54128.81%elected
Jones DarrenPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales1819.64% 
Poole David VincentWelsh Labour57830.78%elected
Turner Noel GeoffreyPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales23812.67% 
Weston Martine MariaWelsh Conservatives432.29% 
Williams Luke Adam LeeWelsh Conservatives361.92% 
Wilson Jonathan MarkIndependent26113.9% 

Penmaenelectorate : 3957turnout : 40.69%
Evans John OwenPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales50116.43% 
Jones Richard WebbWelsh Conservatives1494.89% 
Pritchard AllanPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales51216.79% 
Roberts Steven JohnWelsh Conservatives1374.49% 
Saralis RoyWelsh Labour87728.75%elected
Summers JeanWelsh Labour87428.66%elected

Penyrheolelectorate : 8767turnout : 29.99%
Collins AnnePlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales119613.37%elected
Davies Huw RhodriWelsh Labour107412.01%elected
Fitzgerald PeterWelsh Labour91710.25% 
James Lloyd IanTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts1741.95% 
Johns William DavidWelsh Labour8519.51% 
Phillips RegWelsh Labour8719.74% 
Sargent Margaret EiddwenPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales111012.41%elected
Skivens StevePlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales99211.09% 
Whittle Lindsay GeoffreyPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales136115.22%elected
Williams Paul NicholasIndependent3984.45% 

Pontllanfraithelectorate : 6208turnout : 36.07%
Adams MikeWelsh Labour130021.04%elected
Criddle JimPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales5639.11% 
Evans JohnWelsh Conservatives2273.67% 
Gordon Colin JohnWelsh Labour125020.23%elected
Hammond Zoe AlexandraPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales4296.94% 
Jones Winifred MargaretWelsh Conservatives2033.29% 
Kirby GezWelsh Labour115818.74%elected
Lewis AnnaIndependent3095% 
Mclain JaneWelsh Conservatives2053.32% 
Parker Malcolm GeorgePlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales5358.66% 

Pontlottynelectorate : 1422turnout : 34.81%
Howells GeraldPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales10521.38% 
Oliver GaynorWelsh Labour38678.62%elected

Risca Eastelectorate : 4685turnout : 31.01%
Ackerman Ian GlynPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales1865.05% 
Derraven RobIndependent39910.83% 
Farrell MatthewPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales3128.47% 
George NigelWelsh Labour78921.42%elected
Hancock BrianPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales2757.47% 
Jenkins StanWelsh Labour95325.88%elected
Passmore RhianonWelsh Labour76920.88%elected

Risca Westelectorate : 3984turnout : 39.88%
Chivers Ian DavidWelsh Conservatives1033.47% 
Griffiths Phyllis AnnIndependent82527.82%elected
James MaryWelsh Labour60820.5% 
Rees DaveIndependent86429.13%elected
Simmonds JulianWelsh Labour56619.08% 

St. Cattwgelectorate : 5546turnout : 31%
David HefinWelsh Labour120129.36%elected
David WynneWelsh Labour121129.6%elected
Hughes GrahamWelsh Labour112927.6%elected
Matthews WyndhamPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales55013.44% 

St. Jameselectorate : 4162turnout : 37.94%
Beynon JennaWelsh Conservatives2415.7% 
Bidgood Roger AnthonyPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales62114.68% 
Forehead ChristineWelsh Labour73817.44%elected
Forehead ElaineWelsh Labour65915.58%elected
Hughes Monica LynnePlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales54912.98% 
Jones Barbara AvrilWelsh Labour65615.5%elected
Meredith MichaelWelsh Conservatives2275.37% 
Williams Linda TheresaPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales54012.76% 

St. Martinselectorate : 6315turnout : 40.29%
Elsbury ColinPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales105716.61%elected
Fussell JamesPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales120318.9%elected
Kent StevePlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales102316.07%elected
Pettit JohnWelsh Labour76612.03% 
Pratt Gareth LloydWelsh Labour73911.61% 
Talbot EddieIndependent88013.83% 
Williams RichardIndependent69710.95% 

Twyn Carnoelectorate : 1659turnout : 40.63%
Bailie PeterIndependent21131.45% 
Cuss Carl JohnWelsh Labour46068.55%elected

Ynysdduelectorate : 2816turnout : 38.64%
Cullen DonaldPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales38219% 
Davies SylviaWelsh Conservatives572.83% 
Durham ColinWelsh Labour55927.8%elected
Howells MarkWelsh Conservatives703.48% 
Jones JanWelsh Labour71935.75%elected
Pritchard Marina DawnPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales22411.14% 

Ystrad Mynachelectorate : 3628turnout : 35.56%
Angel Alan PatrickPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales68628.16%elected
James Martyn PaulPlaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales73730.25%elected
Murray David EdwardWelsh Labour48820.03% 
Roberts DonWelsh Labour52521.55%