Project components

Promotional/Marketing Campaign

Kid with Merchandise
loops and Links freebie Merchandise

A number of campaigns and products have been produced to raise the profile of ‘Loops and Links.’ These include this website, a pamphlet with a map of the route and a Commemorative book showing the artwork designs for the six villages.

A number of promotional items have been designed for children that includes: reflectors, reflective strips, games, water bottles, stickers, fridge magnets, puncture repair kits, baseball caps, bike bells and for adults: baseball caps, t-shirts, water bottles, puncture repair kits and games.

The project will be promoted at events i.e. The Big Cheese and the Loops and Links scheme has already and will continue to be included in articles in Newsline and the local press.



Interpretive signage and Directional Signage on NCR 47

Information will be displayed at various points along the route to provide information on the history, attractions, interesting facts about the area, nearby facilities and a map of the village. The signage will be located in Maesycwmmer, Nelson, Wyllie, Cwmfelinfach, Ynysddu and Wattsville.

Signage Concept

Route signage
Route signage

The Loops and Links signage follows strict design criteria. The signage follows three general components. Finial, Direction Signs and Bespoke Pole.

Download the Loops and Links signage manual here (1.5Mb, PDF)

Signage will provide information along the cycle route and in nearby villages. It will direct the user to the next or previous village and give information about distance, time, local facilities and attractions for tourists. Each sign has a unique pole design which incorporates rotating collar village names.

Every link will contain information about: name of place, directional signage with miles and minutes to nearest facilities, directional signage with miles and minutes to the next and last settlement along the route.


If required, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Community Artwork Go to page

The local community have been engaged in developing unique artwork to place along the National Cycle Route to reflect the uniqueness and heritage of their particular village.

Village Centre Enhancement Go to page

Phase one of the enhancement works will include the villages of Nelson, Cwmfelinfach and Ynysddu.
Phase two will include works to Cwmcarn, Wattsville and Wyllie.

Enhancement of Existing Links

There are currently eight enhancement plans.
Phase one includes general landscaping works to Maesycwmmer, Maesycwmmer to
Fleur-de-lys link, Wyllie and Ynysddu.
Phase two includes works to Nelson at the Wern Woodland Park entrance, Ynysddu-Cwmfelinfach link, Cwmfelinfach and Wattsville.
Further funding will be sought in order to develop more links along the cycle route.

Business Advice

Our aim is to raise awareness of businesses along and near the cycle route to the tourism, revenue potential of this important local and national recreational resource. Thus aiding the development of this recreational resource as a cohesive and marketable full day tourism destination.

Through the promotion of the route and its various links to villages and attractions we can help sell the area to locals and visitors alike. Loops and Links will link with the Caerphilly Tourism Association website in order to raise the knowledge of local businesses.