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Linking Communities and Countryside

The Mid Valley’s Rural Village Strategy, known by many as Loops and Links opens up accessibility to Route 47 of the National Cycle Network (Celtic Trail) between Risca and Nelson.

Prior to the scheme being introduced, the cycleway skirted around most towns and villages. Now access to these and tourist attractions such as Sirhowy Valley Country Park that lie along its route has been improved.

Community artworks developed by artist Michael Disley, in conjunction with local schools and residents, lie along the route of the cycleway.

These new loops and links provide access to some of the most spectacular countryside in the county borough and by raising awareness of the cycleway and by improving access and signposting it is hoped that more residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the scenery whilst improving their health.

Please select a village to find out more about the artwork and other local attractions in each community.



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