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Anti-social behaviourAnti-social behaviour is down by 35% in Caerphilly county borough - which equates to 3,695 fewer incidents than this time last year.

The Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership, which is comprised of organisations including Caerphilly County Borough Council, Gwent Police and South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, has been working hard alongside community groups and local volunteers to tackle anti-social behaviour related issues head on.

The partnership has been working on a number of initiatives, to work to reduce anti-social behaviour across the county borough.

These include: -

The Four Strikes Intervention Process

The Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership (SCCSP) operates the 'Four Strikes' anti-social behaviour system. The system is used to seek to deal with anti-social behaviour perpetrated by identified individuals and uses an incremental early intervention approach to seek to modify such perpetrators' anti-social behaviour.

Each 'strike' relates to an incident of anti-social behaviour that is evidenced by an officer of any SCCSP partner agency and details are recorded. At each stage of the process interventions are offered however if an individual reached 'Strike Four' the matter is referred to another multi-agency group where consideration is given to apply for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. (ASBO).

Much of the anti-social behaviour that is encountered during this process is related to the misuse of alcohol although it is not possible to elicit hard evidence of the proportion of such incidents.

The behaviour of 99% of individuals is addressed through Strikes 1 to 3 of the process. The purpose of the system is to moderate and modify people's anti-social behaviour. The figures demonstrate the effectiveness of the early intervention approach adopted.

Victims Champion

Caerphilly's Victims Champion Lana Harrison works alongside victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour to provide support and advice.

Officers from local Neighbourhood Policing Teams across Caerphilly county borough, as well as the council's teams of Community Safety Wardens and CCTV operators have also been working hard, conducting high visibility patrols of the area and dealing with any incidents they came across.

Community Safety Wardens - Hotspot Patrols

Caerphilly's team of Community Safety Wardens have been working hard to deal with reported issues of alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

Community safety wardensThe council's Community Safety Wardens made 4,478 visits to hotspot locations in 2011/12. Almost all such visits would be in response to tackle anti-social behaviour.

During 2011/12 our Community Safety Wardens used legal powers to confiscate 632 items of alcohol, either in areas subject to a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) or from under 18's in any public place.

They Community Safety Wardens also made 55 referrals into our 4 Strike Anti Social Behaviour process and gave 263 verbal warnings (name, address, date of birth taken).


CCTV control roomOur CCTV system incorporates 176 cameras covering 20 town and village centres and car parks which are monitored continuously. Referrals are received from the police and other agencies regarding the monitoring of live incidents arising from our night time economy. Similarly, monitoring of the cameras allows incidents to be captured and referrals made to the police who have the facility to monitor the images in real time at their control room.

Selected cameras have Tannoy capability that allows CCTV Control Room staff to issue immediate verbal warnings to individuals or groups acting inappropriately or illegally.

All camera images are recorded, are of evidential quality and available as evidence should the footage be required. The CCTV operators can liase with the Police and other agencies to highlight alcohol related issues and monitor the DPPO areas and be proactive in identifying breaches of the law.

In addition we will also deploy the council's mobile CCTV Unit to assist the work of the Community Safety Wardens, again primarily to tackle anti-social behaviour, the vast majority of which is alcohol misuse-related.

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