Be Smart and Join Today!

Access your libraries and leisure centres with a swipe of a card. Sign up for the new Caerphilly SMART card for a quicker, easier way to access facilities at your local leisure centre and library.

SMART card benefits include:

  • Concessionary prices
  • Access to all library and leisure services
  • Special events and promotions

Why be smart?

Existing Leisure Card and Library members hold membership cards for a range of services - activities at leisure centres, borrowing books, CD’s and DVD’s. Some people may also have a range of other cards and the number seems to be growing week by week!

Many are now asking - “why do I have to have so many cards to access services with the same authority and supply the same information time and time again?” Multi-application smart cards are a 21st century answer.

Smart cards are essentially a development of the credit card - the same size and shape, and made out of plastic.

Why now?

Smart cards are part of the move, both nationally and internationally to enable citizens to access more services electronically.

They let you access council services quicker, more easily and cost effectively.

Going Smart in Caerphilly County Borough

Caerphilly CBC has taken up the smart challenge - with the Smart Card replacing existing leisure and library membership cards.

Future proposals may also see the Smart Card used to access other services - with your views on possible options welcomed (see the application form).

Holders of a Smart Card will therefore be at the forefront of an innovative scheme. Your support and that of others in your family will be most welcomed.

Helpdesk: 01443 863072