Doing Citizen Engagement
Top Tips

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Just what it says – Top Tips.

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Top Tips are always handy for reference, planning, checking and so on.

Top Tips

Older people are more likely to be involved if:

  • 1. The issue is one they care about, or one close to their personal experience.
  • 2. They are asked and made to feel that their input is welcomed.
  • 3. The organisation asking for their views has the power to do something about the issue.
  • 4. It is made clear their views will be considered and where possible reflected in the decision that is taken or action agreed on the issue.
  • 5. They feel the type of engagement is suitable for them.
  • 6. They receive the training and support they need to be involved effectively.

Based on: [Source: Leach, S, Lowndes, V, Cowell, R and Downe, J (2005) Meta-Evaluation of the Local Government Modernisation Agenda: Progress Report on Stakeholder Engagement with Local Government. London, UK: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.]