Top Tips

How to Involve People

For organisations, service providers and campaign groups the challenge is how to “actively” find, connect with and then listen to older people. These are some useful tips and links (PDF, 70k).

Getting your voice heard

If you are an individual older person, a small community group or a national organisation of older people, how do you get your voice heard when you have an issue that matters to you? This sheet (PDF, 68k) offers a few ideas on how to get your voice heard

Useful contacts

Whether you are an older person or group trying to get your voice heard or an organisation or service trying to engage with citizens, the following websites and contact details (PDF, 64k) could be really helpful.

Advice Support and Information

These are some key contacts (PDF, 64k) that you might find useful.

Doing Citizen Engagement Top Tips

Link to Doing Engagement Top Tips.

Communication Styles

This is a few tips on different people communications styles and what approaches might help.