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A full review of the Caerphilly County Borough Local Development Plan (LDP) up to 2021 (adopted November 2010) has been undertaken and the findings are set out in the Draft Review Report which concludes that the Council should commence an immediate full revision of the LDP.  

The preparation of a delivery agreement is a key requirement in preparing a revised LDP.  The draft delivery agreement provides details of the stages involved in the plan-making process, the time each part of the process is likely to take, and the resources that the Council will commit to Plan preparation.  The DA will also establish the Local Planning Authority’s early full and continuous approach to community engagement and involvement in the preparation of the revised LDP. 

  • The DA is split into two key parts:

The Timetable for producing the revised LDP

This provides an indication of when various stages of plan preparation will take place.  Definitive dates are provided up to the deposit stage and indicative dates for later stages.  

The Community Involvement Scheme (CIS)

This sets out the Council’s principles, strategy and mechanisms for early, full and continuous community and stakeholder engagement throughout the revision process.  This is a fundamental element of the development plan system.  Once approved, the Council will need to comply with the requirements for community engagement that are set out in the CIS. 

The Draft Delivery Agreement (PDF) will be subject of a 6 week public consultation commencing on Wednesday 11 March 2020 and concluding on Wednesday 22 April 2020.

Following this, a report of consultation responses and the final amended Delivery Agreement will be reported to Council in June to seek agreement for the Delivery Agreement to be submitted to Welsh Government.

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