Local development plan review

To ensure that Local Development Plans (LDP) are kept up to date, local planning authorities are required to review their LDPs at least once every four years following adoption, or earlier if the findings of the Annual Monitoring report (AMR) indicate so. 

The Draft Review Report for the Adopted Caerphilly County Borough Local Development Plan up to 2021 (adopted LDP) considers the progress being made in implementing the adopted LDP and considers the issues that inform the decision on whether the adopted LDP needs to be revised.  

The report concludes that a full review of the adopted LDP should be commenced immediately.

The draft review report will be subject to a public consultation commencing on Monday 24 February 2020 and concluding on Monday 16 March 2020 in order to obtain stakeholder views on the matters set out in this report.

Following this, a report of consultation responses and the final amended review report will be reported to Council to seek agreement for the document to be submitted to Welsh Government.

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