Pwll-y-Pant roundabout highway improvement works

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Live traffic information

Live traffic showing delays can be viewed using Google Maps to zoom into the area and switching on the ‘Traffic’ view.

You can view traffic information in Caerphilly and the Pwll-y-Pant Roundabout on This is the most comprehensive source of up-to-date roadworks information in the UK. The information is updated every 30 minutes therefore delivering real-time access to local roadworks information across nearly 100 local authorities (rising rapidly as more LAs sign up to the service) as well as motorways and trunk routes across England and Wales. Simply click on the link and search for Caerphilly. is free to view - users are able to view precisely where and when roadworks are taking place on a map, who is responsible for them, and assess the likely impact on journey times. You can even sign up to receive email alerts about future planned works in your area.

Planned and completed works

Proposed layout

The map of the proposed works is available to view below: -

Proposed layout (PDF)

Timeline of key milestones 

  • Start on site 8 October 2017
  • Temporary 2 lane running for Christmas period 30 November 2017 to 8 January 2018
  • 7 June 2017 - Cabinet approved proposals for the Pwll-y-Pant roundabout improvement scheme as a priority highway scheme on 7 June 2017
  • 26 January 2015 to 13 March 2015 - Consultation survey results | Summary of results (PDF) |  Questionnaire results (PDF)
  • 29 January 2015 to 5 March 2015 - Three Public Information days held to enable residents, businesses and other interested groups to view details of the planned improvements

Further information

For concerns about the scheme itself, for information on the design, to raise concerns about impact on local business, please select the link below