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Caerphilly County Borough Council receives regular Freedom of Information (FOI) requests for information about business rates for properties in the council's area.  As many of these requests are for similar information we are now making the following commonly requested data available:

  • 2017 Rating List
  • All occupied business properties in Caerphilly County Borough including information about reliefs awarded where relevant. The reliefs will include charitable, discretionary, small business rate and retail
  • Accounts created for new liabilities in the previous 2 months
  • Accounts with credit balances

Each set of data will be updated in February, April, June, August, October and December each year.

Notes about the data

  • The ratepayer’s name and correspondence address will only be shown for companies and other organisations. If the ratepayer is a person, those fields will be blank as required by Data Protection rules.
  • We do not disclose account reference numbers as they are personal to the ratepayer and are used to confirm identity.

2017 rating list

This list includes all properties in the Caerphilly County Borough area that are subject to business rates. The data includes the billing authority reference, property address, property description and rateable value.

All occupied business properties

This list includes all occupied properties in the Caerphilly County Borough area that are subject to business rates. The data includes property reference and address, ratepayer name and correspondence address, date the ratepayer became liable, rateable value and description. Where the ratepayer is in receipt of either mandatory or discretionary or small business or retail relief then the type of relief and start date of the relief is detailed.

New accounts

This list includes all properties where the ratepayer became liable from a date in the previous two months. For example, the data published in April will include properties where the ratepayer became liable in February or March. The data includes the liability start date.

Accounts in credit

This list includes accounts that have a credit balance. The data includes the credit amount and the financial year to which it relates.

If the data you require is not included in these lists you should submit a FOI request.

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