Information and guidance

Apart from the comprehensive training programme available to elected members and staff members, we also issue a range of supplementary guidance documents and information to help with practical support and frequently asked questions.

The list below (in alphabetical order) shows what Equalities and Welsh Language guidance documents and other related information is currently available.

More will appear soon as some guidance is being updated for 2016 and some new guidance is currently being developed.

2011 Census - Local Equalities Data for Caerphilly County Borough

Accessible Voting Guide

CCBC Ward Profiles by Equality Categories - 2008

CCBC Workforce Profiles by Equalities Categories (31/03/14)

Complaints Guidance 2016

Consultation and Monitoring Guidance 2016

Equalities Guidance for Landlords

Equalities Implications in Committee Reports

Guidance on Equalities in Design and Printing

How to get accents on letters

Place Names in Caerphilly County Borough 2016

Procurement and Commissioning Guidance 2016

Signage - Improving Access

Welsh Translation Guidance 2016

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