Statement of Licensing Policy

The Licensing Act 2003 requires that licensing authorities publish a Statement of Licensing Policy which sets out how we will administer our licensing functions under the Act. The Act requires that we keep the policy under review and, in any event, must review the policy every three years.

We have completed our review of our Statement of Licensing Policy, which sets out how we administer our functions under the Licensing Act 2003.

A consultation process was undertaken that included writing to a number of bodies and individuals by means of public advertisement in local newspapers and by accessing the council's website. As a result of that process, the Licensing Policy was updated taking into account the relevant comments received and having regard to the revised guidance issued by the Government.

On 25 July 2017, full council formally adopted the revised Licensing Policy for implementation on 1 September 2017.

Statement of Licensing Policy (PDF)

Alternatively, copies can be obtained by contacting the licensing section.

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