Conservation Strategy 2014-2019

We are committed to protecting our historic environment and whilst the requirement to conserve and enhance our built heritage is implemented through various acts, legislation, circulars and guidance, there is currently a lack of local guidance on the protection and conservation of the historic environment.

With this in mind, we have prepared a 'Draft Conservation Strategy for the Historic Environment 2014 - 2019' that seeks to highlight the opportunities provided by Caerphilly's historic environment in respect of regeneration, education, tourism and sustainable development.

Importantly it seeks to highlight opportunities to positively and beneficially conserve, enhance and where appropriate preserve the historic environment for its intrinsic value and as an important historic asset for the benefit of the people and communities that live alongside the historic environment.

The draft conservation strategy will cover a period of five years (2014 to 2019) and will set out the priorities for the historic environment during this period. The strategy will include a number of priority objectives that will identify what we hope to achieve in respect of the historic environment during this period. We will review the strategy every five years.

The Value of Historic Places - Conservation Strategy for the Historic Environment 2014 - 2019 (PDF)

To make sure the strategy covered all of the necessary aspects of the historic environment we carried out a public consultation exercise over a six week period between Friday 18 July 2014 and Friday 29 August 2014.

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