Voting by proxy

Voting by proxy enables you to appoint another person to vote on your behalf, either at the polling station or by post.

Who can vote by proxy?

To be eligible for a proxy vote, you must tell us the reason why you are unable to vote yourself. This may be because:

  • You have a physical disability. In this case, you may have to include a declaration that the information is correct by a doctor, nurse or warden of a home.
  • Your work takes you away from home either on a permanent basis or on the particular day of the election.
  • You will be on holiday when the election is taking place.
  • You have moved house since you registered and are unable to go to your old polling station.

Applying to vote by proxy

To vote by proxy, either as a one-off or permanently, you will need to contact us for an application form.

The person you appoint to vote as your proxy must be individually registered to vote. They may not act as proxy for more than two electors (unless related).

If you appoint a proxy, you can still attend a polling station and personally cast your vote provided that the proxy has not already voted on your behalf or asked for a postal vote.

Proxy votes can be sent to an address outside of the UK, but you should bear in mind the length of time taken to deliver and return your voting papers in time for the election.

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