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Ever throught of becoming a Welsh councillor?

Did you know that you can be paid whilst undertaking your councillor duties? Or that you can claim a number of allowances for being a councillor, such as reimbursement of cost of care for children or elderly dependents as well as travel costs. Wales needs more diverse, younger people from different backgrounds to stand at the next local elections in 2022. Could this be you? Watch this short film to find out more.


Councillors play a vital role in shaping and directing the effectiveness of local services for the benefit of local people. Councillors work with public services and with the private sector in order to achieve these aims. The position of the councillor is vital in the local community and is the voice of the community. 

In order to stand for election as a county borough Councillor, you need to be:

  • Aged at least 18.
  • A British, Commonwealth or European Union Citizen.
  • A local elector, or have lived, worked or owned property in the county borough for a year. 

If standing for election to a Town or Community Council the ‘local’ qualification is slightly different. You can stand for election if your local connection is you live in the community area or within 4.8 kilometres of it.

If you want to stand for election but you do not belong to a political party, you can stand as an independent councillor. If you want the backing of a party you will need to either join one, or get them to pick you as their candidate before the election.

You cannot stand for election if you are disqualified, for example if you work for the council or you have recently been in prison. The full range of disqualifications at local elections is complex (Further information is enclosed with the nomination pack) . If you are unsure you will need to take your own legal advice.

Advice on how to stand for election

The Electoral Commission also provides a lot of useful information about standing in a local election.

Electoral Commission – How do I find out about standing as a candidate?

Local elections candidate survey

The diversity of the candidates standing for local elections and those who are elected is being monitored by the Welsh Government. A link to the survey and accompanying letter is available below.

Cabinet Secretary accompanying letter (PDF)

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