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Council’s doorstep caller warning

Posted on : 18 Apr 2019

Council’s doorstep caller warning
Caerphilly County Borough Council is warning its tenants to be aware of doorstep callers.
The message comes after several council tenants have been informed that they may find themselves incurring legal costs after signing agreements with doorstep callers. Tenants are urged to contact their local housing office or the council’s Insurance Team for advice if they are in any doubt about callers to their home.
Cllr Lisa Phipps, the council’s Cabinet Member for Homes and Places, said “We’ve seen a number of cases where tenants may find themselves with large legal bills to pay as a result of signing documents with doorstep callers who have claimed to be able to support them with issues around repairs.  Callers may not always be what they seem and the council encourages tenants to seek advice from officers before signing any documents.”
Tenants can also request ‘no cold calling’ stickers for their windows and doors by contacting their local housing office.

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