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Young people cast their vote

Posted on : 21 Dec 2017

Young people cast their vote
Youth Forum members
Young residents of Caerphilly county borough have cast their vote and a priority issue has been chosen for the Youth Forum to tackle over the coming year.

The youth forum’s priority issue for the forthcoming year, as voted for by members is, ‘Bullying -  To increase peoples understanding of what is classed as bullying and people know how to deal with bullying.’

The young people have had some training with Stand Against Bullying (SAB) and have further plans to have more in depth training around bystanders and why the ‘Bully Bullies’ in the New Year.
The issue was one of 5 that was identified by the Youth forum and was launched during the annual conference which saw up to 100 young people attend to be a part of the discussion.
Following the conference the issues were subject to an online vote to determine the preferred priority to focus the Forum’s efforts.
Cllr Mark Evans, Caerphilly County Borough Young People’s Champion, said, “As a newly elected champion I am blown away by the amount of drive and passion that is demonstrated by the young people who make up the Youth Forum. They do not take choosing a priority issue lightly, they try to ensure they offer as many young people as possible the opportunity to vote.”

He continued, “I have no doubt that the Youth Forum will enjoy great success in tackling the issue of bullying in the forthcoming year.” 

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