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Happiness has a pulse…

Posted on : 08 Feb 2018

Happiness has a pulse…
Happiness has a pulse…

Residents have until the end of February to take part in a survey which aims to highlight how happy, connected and active people in Caerphilly county borough and the other four Gwent county boroughs are.
The ‘Happiness Pulse’ survey is intended to provide residents with their own ‘well-being score’, together with a series of useful tips on improving their wellbeing and signposts to advice and support.
The outcomes of the survey will also provide the five Gwent Public Service Boards with an overview and an insight into the wellbeing of people living in their areas.
So far around 1,100 Caerphilly county borough residents have taken part in the survey, but there is still plenty of time to get involved. Residents have until 28th February to complete the survey, which can be found here: 
The Happiness Pulse is designed by Bristol based charity and social enterprise Happy City, who are world-leaders in helping support better measurement and policy to support long term well-being in communities.
Happy City Chief Executive, Liz Zeidler said, "The Happiness Pulse is a unique tool that helps individuals explore their own long term happiness, whilst helping communities map the wellbeing strengths and needs of all their citizens.  By supporting 1000s of local people to take their pulse, Gwent local authorities, businesses and community organisations are demonstrating their pioneering commitment to understanding and improving the lives of people across the region".  
The Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015 has led public services in Wales to think more long-term, work better with people and communities and each other, look to prevent problems and take a more joined-up approach. Public Service Boards are starting to implement this with the publication of Well-being Plans in May 2018.
Hard copies of the Happiness Pulse survey for Caerphilly county borough residents are also available by calling Mandy Keenan, Policy Officer on 01443 864277.
The Happiness Pulse survey can be found at  


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