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The Refill Revolution comes to Blackwood

Posted on : 19 Feb 2019

The Refill Revolution comes to Blackwood
Darren and Sarah of Woodies Cafe and Cllr Sean Morgan, Cabinet Member for Sustainability

Woodies Café in Blackwood are the latest town centre business to join the network of water stations springing up around Caerphilly County Borough as part of a new campaign to break our disposable plastic habit.

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Town Centre Management have teamed up with national charity, City to Sea, to set up a local water refill initiative called Refill Caerphilly, to encourage the reduction of single use plastic bottles in our town centres.

The Refill Scheme encourages participating cafes, bars, restaurants, banks and other businesses to sign up to the free Refill app and put to a sticker in their window alerting passers-by to the fact they’re welcome to fill up their bottle for free.

Cllr Sean Morgan, Cabinet Member for Sustainability said ““Here in Caerphilly County Borough we’re rightly proud of our stunning landscapes and countryside. Plastics, including single-use plastic bottles, are now the most frequently found type of litter on UK beaches and you don’t have to look far to find them littering our towns and green spaces too.”

“Refill Caerphilly gives us all the opportunity to help make this type of litter a thing of the past at the same time as saving money. Every time we refill a re-useable bottle instead of buying and throwing away a single-use bottle we not only reduce the amount of plastic and fuel being used, we save a bit of money and help clean up our towns and open spaces too. Look out for the window stickers or check the app to find out where you can refill for free.”

Hannah Osman, Refill Cymru Coordinator said “We’re so excited that Caerphilly County Borough is joining the Refill movement and making a real difference by reducing reliance on single-use plastics. Every time we refill a re-usable bottle we save our own money and the planet’s resources, and all those individual refills add up to a huge impact."

Natalie Fee, founder of City to Sea, the organisation which is the driving force behind the Refill Scheme, said: “We’ve seen a huge appetite for our Refill campaign across the UK, from individuals wanting to make a difference in their community to national chains keen to offer free refills to their customers. Our Refill app puts the power to stop plastic pollution in people’s hands – and now thanks to the water industry we'll be able to help everyone, from local communities to airports, to provide free refills on the go.”

“Refill puts the power to stop plastic pollution in people's hands - it's a fantastically easy way to reduce your plastic consumption and save money at the same time. Businesses can add themselves to the app too and help create the wave of change needed to keep plastic bottles out of our oceans!"

Visit the Refill website at to download the free Refill app and find out more about the Refill movement.

City to Sea, a not-for-profit organisation headed by entrepreneur Natalie Fee, launched the award-winning Refill Scheme in 2015. It’s estimated that the scheme, now being rolled out nationwide with support from Water UK and local water companies, will cut plastic bottle use by tens of millions each year, as well as substantially increasing the availability of high quality drinking water.

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