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‘You said…we listened’ - Caerphilly Council responds to budget consultation feedback

Posted on : 21 Jan 2020

‘You said…we listened’ - Caerphilly Council responds to budget consultation feedback
Cllr Philippa Marsden, Leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council

The Leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council has indicated that a number of planned cuts for 2020/21 are likely to be withdrawn following feedback from the public and the positive financial settlement announced by the Welsh Government.

Cllr Philippa Marsden and her Cabinet have been carefully considering the responses received from residents, councillors and other stakeholders during the recent public consultation about the council’s budget savings proposals.

Some of the key changes could include:

  • A lower Council Tax increase of 4.7% (instead of 6.95%) – this equates to an increase of £1.02 per week for a Band D property
  • Protection of school budgets
  • No reduction in CCTV cameras
  • No reduction to the Highway Maintenance budget
  • Cuts to CAB, GAVO and Groundwork to be deferred
  • No cuts to School Crossing Patrols
  • No increase in school meal prices 

“We want the community to work with us to shape our services and I am also keen to demonstrate that we will respond positively to feedback received from our residents,” said Cllr Marsden.

“These proposed changes to the original list of savings are still being finalised, but I wanted to give everyone an early indication of the sort of positive steps we are considering.”

“The improved financial settlement from Welsh Government has allowed us to reconsider our position, but there are challenges ahead so we will still be looking to make savings in advance wherever possible – particularly in areas that have no impact on the public or on frontline service delivery.”

“I’m sure residents will welcome this news. More details will be announced over the coming weeks before Cabinet considers the final savings report in February,” she added.

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