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Surveillance camera day

Posted on : 19 Jun 2019

Surveillance camera day

On the 20th of June, at 9am, Caerphilly County Borough Council are opening their control room doors in Tir-y-Berth Depot for the first National Surveillance Camera Day event. Tir-y-Berth Primary school are one of a number of schools invited to the event to see, first hand, how the control room operates.

Surveillance Camera Day is a national event to encourage a conversation about the use of surveillance cameras in modern society. The day is intended to raise awareness about surveillance cameras and generate a debate about how they are used in society.

Tony Porter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner said “Surveillance Camera Day is a world first. The UK is sometimes referred to as ‘the most surveilled country on the planet’. Of particular importance, is the pressing need for a nationwide conversation about how camera technology is evolving, especially around automatic face recognition and artificial intelligence and how surveillance cameras are actually used in practice, why they’re used and who is using them.

He continued “This conversation is important, because we are all captured by the gaze of the camera lens and because surveillance camera systems are meant to be delivered in the public interest – to keep communities safe and secure. Civil engagement is a key strand of the national surveillance camera strategy and I want people who use cameras to shine a light on what they do.”

Cllr Eluned Stenner, Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Protection added “This is a fantastic opportunity to gain a larger understanding of how our surveillance cameras work and what Caerphilly County Borough Council do in order to protect its residents. There are over 150 Public Space CCTV cameras covering CCBC plus over 500 cameras covering our schools, depots and other Council owned premises. The CCTV team consists of 14 members of staff who keep constant watch 24/7 over our town centres and neighbourhoods.”

More information on Caerphilly County Borough Council CCTV can be found on the CCBC website.

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