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#TeamCaerphilly – Better Together

Posted on : 12 Jun 2019

#TeamCaerphilly – Better Together

Caerphilly county borough council has approved an ambitious new strategy which sets out an exciting journey of transformation for the organisation over the coming years.

The council needs to transform the way it does things in order to respond to the changing needs and priorities of the community - and to meet the significant financial challenges that lie ahead.

A major new strategy called ‘#TeamCaerphilly – Better Together’ was given the green light by the council’s Cabinet today (12th June).  The strategy sets out the way the council is going to transform its services in future and how the organisation will start to deliver these changes over the coming months.  

Leader of council, Cllr Dave Poole said, “We provide over 800 key services to all sections of the community from the cradle to the grave, but the pressures facing us mean that we need to do things differently in order to adapt and thrive.”

“The challenge ahead of us is big one, but the opportunity to repurpose and reshape the council - and the county borough as a whole - is even greater. Our transformation journey must happen at scale and at pace, and the core principle that underpins everything we do is ‘Social Heart and Commercial Head’.

Christina Harrhy, Interim Chief Executive added, “We must be bold and brave. We must be able to anticipate future opportunities and be ready to make the most of them for the benefits of our residents.”

The council is branding this transformation programme as ‘#TeamCaerphillly – Better Together.” This reflects the team ethos the council is developing within the organisation and also captures its efforts to work with residents, businesses, partner agencies and other key stakeholders to make a difference.

Some of the key areas the council will focus on as part of the new strategy include:

  • Prioritising services to meet the needs of residents
  • Considering how we can become more business efficient
  • Exploring opportunities for greater collaboration
  • Improved customer focus
  • Greater emphasis on digital services
  • Seeking more commercial opportunities

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