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7 reasons why running the Bryn Meadows Caerphilly 10k is a good idea

Posted on : 15 Mar 2019

7 reasons why running the Bryn Meadows Caerphilly 10k is a good idea

With the Bryn Meadows Caerphilly 10K quickly approaching –there is no better time to sign up!

To help understand the benefits of signing up to this year’s run, Sport Development Officer Dale Lewis offers his views on why running this year’s 10K is a good idea.

1. Running makes you happier

Regardless of how good or bad you feel at any given moment, exercise will always make you feel better. Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise, it requires almost no gear and it is something that can be tailored to anyone. Asides from gaining a ‘runners high’, the wider benefits are undeniable with just 30 minutes of walking/running on a treadmill being proven to be able to lift the mood of people suffering from major depression. Having an event such as the Bryn Meadows Caerphilly 10K in your calendar will allow you to design a running programme that you will stick too. Signing up and making the commitment is a great way to start as you mean to go on.

2. Running helps you lose weight

We all know how difficult it can be to avoid foods that are bad for us. On top of this we also all know how hard it can be to get the motivation to drag ourselves to the gym! Running burns calories while you’re working out - but did you know that it doesn’t stop there? Studies have suggested that consistent exercise improves the bodies ability to burn calories, even when you’re not exercising! Training for the 10K is therefore a great opportunity to lose some weight and train your body.

3. Forming habits

It takes just 21 days to form a habit. This means that 2 or 3 runs a week for three weeks is all it could take to form one of the best habits you could hope to form. The training weeks leading up to the 10K is the ideal opportunity.

4. Running keeps you sharp

There is overwhelming evidence that shows running or any regular exercise is the best way to defeat age-related declines such as task switching, Selective attention and memory loss. Setting a challenge such as running in the 10K is the best way to kick start your motivation.

5. Running makes you live longer

Even if you just meet the minimum weekly recommended exercise targets, studies have suggested that you will live between 2-4 years longer! For those people who don’t enjoy exercising alone, events like the Bryn Meadows Caerphilly 10K, that offer so much more, are the best ways to get involved. You can run at your own pace and have fun with likeminded people all looking to better themselves.

6. Take in the atmosphere

Set with the backdrop of Caerphilly castle, the atmosphere on the day is incredible. Over the past years we’ve received overwhelming feedback highlighting the carnival like atmosphere all around Caerphilly, with runners celebrating their own success stories. The best thing about the Caerphilly 10k is that it’s a different run for everyone involved. Whether you’re a seasoned runner looking to run a personal best or someone who hasn’t run in 10 years and wants to better themselves – this is the right event for you.

7. You’ll have so much fun!

The Bryn Meadows Caerphilly 10k is one of the highlights of the calendar. For those who don’t want to run the 10k, the 2k fun run is your best option. There is something for everyone on the day so get involved and sign up today!


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