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Ty Iscoed Residential Home wins award for dementia care

Posted on : 04 May 2016

Ty Iscoed Residential Home wins award for dementia care
Ty Iscoed Residential Home staff

A residential home owned by Caerphilly County Borough Council has received a national award for the quality of life provided to people living with a dementia.

Ty Iscoed Residential Home in Newbridge has received Kitemark Butterfly Home Status as the result of an unannounced qualitative audit. The award was given as the result of Dementia Care Matters working with Ty Iscoed to improve the quality of life for people living with a dementia within the care home.

To achieve the award, Ty Iscoed implemented a number of developments set by Dementia Care Matters which included significant environmental work to develop specific ‘houses’ within the home. Ty Iscoed’s Kitemark Status demonstrates “highly skilled care with a high degree of person centred dementia care and the potential to develop further”.

The residential home now focuses on delivering feelings based care, instead of a more traditional task led care. This involves an importance placed on people’s emotional wellbeing, identity and creating a sense of belonging within the residential home. Residents contribute to the running of the home, which includes preparing meals and taking part in domestic chores, typical of that in a ‘normal’ home life.

Cllr Robin Woodyatt, Cabinet Member for Social Services said: “I am delighted that Ty Iscoed Residential Home has been awarded a Kite Mark Status by Dementia Care Matters. This is testament to the fantastic facilities and care that are provided to those who live within Ty Iscoed and I am thrilled that this has been recognised. Well done to each and every person who has strived to achieve this fantastic goal”.

David Sheard (Dr) CEO/Founder, Dementia Care Matters said: “It is a huge achievement and something you should all feel enormous pride in - culture change takes heart, dogged determination, true leadership and the creation of a real ' home  ' which you have so clearly demonstrated and evidenced. Ty Iscoed Residential Home now join a small but growing group of Butterfly Homes in Wales who are flying the flag for what matters most in dementia care - an enormous thank you!’’

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