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Caerphilly leisure centres launch Period Dignity initiative

Posted on : 24 May 2019

Caerphilly leisure centres launch Period Dignity initiative

The Caerphilly County Borough Council Sport and Leisure Services has become one of the first leisure services in the UK to take action towards tackling ‘period poverty’. Starting with the belief that no girl should miss out on sport and active recreation due to access to sanitary products; the Period Dignity initiative will now see each leisure centre in Caerphilly contain adequate supplies of sanitary items, to continue to break down the barriers to active living.

Building upon the Welsh Governments recent decision to provide sanitary products for all schools and colleges across Wales (which has also recently come into effect in Caerphilly) – the Sport and Leisure Services agrees that just as a lack of sanitary products can impact school attendance by up to 2%, a similar impact is experienced at leisure centres.

Cllr Nigel George, with the responsibility for the Neighbourhood services commented:

“The Sport and Leisure Services firmly believes that sport and active recreation in Caerphilly is for all of our residents. If there is even a chance that young girls across Caerphilly are unable to participate due to an inability to afford or access sanitary products – something has to be done. The period dignity initiative is therefore an excellent idea that the Sport and Leisure Services should be proud to launch.”

The introduction of available sanitary products will therefore allow Caerphilly’s young girls and women to exercise with confidence while continuing to develop the sense of support each leisure centre aims to provide to each user.

Based off of the national Red Box Project, a community based initiative that aims to support young girls throughout their periods, by providing red boxes filled with sanitary items to local schools – each leisure centre will be equipped with a ‘red box’ placed in each reception area. To utilise these items simply ask a member of staff.

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