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Innovative drainage system celebrated

Posted on : 27 Nov 2019

Innovative drainage system celebrated

Skilled drainage engineers from Caerphilly County Borough Council have been lauded by leading industry experts.

The approach to Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) used by the local authority were held up as a shining example to others, in the latest edition of trade-publication Water and Wastewater Treatment (WWT) Magazine, which follows on from the nomination of the team as “SuDS Champions” by industry group Susdrain back in July.  

SuDS is an innovative system which aims to align modern drainage works with natural water processes.
In January 2019 the Welsh Government made SuDS a requirement for all new developments over a certain size and CCBC has since been working closely with developers on these projects. 

The council’s Principal Flood Risk Management Engineer Michelle Johnson told the magazine: “We have spoken with everyone who has submitted an application. By talking with them we can show them the need to think differently about managing water on site.”

As part of the SuDS pre-application process, developers are invited to sit down with experts from the council team and use technology to plan the best way forward. The design tool MDSUDS, from Innovyze, can be used to precisely plan sustainable drainage throughout the site, with detailed digital maps. It helps determine where runoff water naturally accumulates and makes it easier for a developer to plan where drainage structures are needed.

The publication highlighted the fact that developers in the area are now encouraged by the council to think differently about how to manage surface water. The article states: “Caerphilly County Borough Council is making best use of technology to make sure that the benefits of SUDS are delivered in line with legislation and, importantly, in line with the four pillars of SuDS namely water quality, water quantity, biodiversity and amenity.” 

Cllr Sean Morgan, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Infrastructure, said: “The modern, scientific approach by the council’s drainage experts is in line with Caerphilly County Borough Council’s environmental goals. This ensures every new building development is in tune with our beautiful, natural surroundings.”

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