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Update on Pantside Footbridge

Posted on : 20 Sep 2019

Update on Pantside Footbridge
Update on Pantside Footbridge

Residents in the Pantside area and motorists using the area will be aware that the footbridge over the A467 had to be closed at the end of July after a lorry mounted crane that had not been correctly stowed caused significant damage to the footbridge.
Engineers have inspected and assessed the structure, and have confirmed it is not possible to repair the existing bridge due to the scale of the damage.
A temporary pedestrian crossing was installed on 1st August to ensure pedestrians are able to safely cross the A467, which remains in position while the situation is remedied.
The council continues to explore ways to improve this crossing provision, and particularly since the schools have returned, officers have been monitoring the crossing during peak periods. The council are also in discussion with the Safety Camera Partnership to have speed cameras at the location on an ad-hoc basis to make sure the correct speed is being maintained.
Unfortunately there is no ‘quick fix’ to this – but officers are working hard to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

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