Children awaiting placement

There are many children who need foster placements at any one time. The majority of the children who need families are over the age of ten, and therefore we are currently prioritising enquiries from people who can look after older children. The following are examples of the types of children who are currently waiting the right family to look after them.

Anne is 15 years old and has been with her current carer since October 2011. Anne's mum died when she was 7 and since then various different family members have cared for her. Anne was living with her dad however the relationship broke down and it was not possible for Anne to remain with her father. Sadly no other family member was able to care for Anne, and she came into foster care.

Anne is currently with short-term carers and now requires a long-term home with carers who are understanding of her past and are capable of implementing appropriate boundaries and guidance. Anne has reported that she very much wants a stable foster home with people who will love and parent her appropriately. She requires foster carers who provide consistent and clear support and understanding of her emotional needs and development. Anne requires a home where she can build a trusting and caring relationship so she can safely discuss her thoughts and feelings.

Kevin is 10 years old and has been looked after by his extended family for almost eight years. Most recently he has been living with his great grandmother, but it is becoming more and more difficult for her to care for him. Therefore he needs a foster family who can look after him until he reaches 18.

Kevin is a lively and outgoing little boy, although he can also be very sensitive and caring. Kevin does need to feel in control of situations and can sometimes become upset if he does not get his own way. Kevin has difficulties with boundaries and will respond to rules by pushing these boundaries.

Kevin has very recently been diagnosed with ADHD and is on medication. He can be reluctant to take this medication as it is new to him; therefore an encouraging and supportive environment is essential.

It is unsurprising that Kevin sometimes appears untrusting, as the amount of family he has lived with in his short life has left him confused. He will need carers who are reassuring and can provide him with the love and affection he truly needs.

Richard and Toby are brothers aged 9 and 12 who have been with foster carers since November 2009. They were removed from their mother's care due to her drug misuse and the chaotic life style associated with this. Currently they are both placed together in a short-term placement where they have successfully made attachments to their current carers. It has been decided that it is not possible for the boys to return home and they now require a long-term foster placement.

Toby has been diagnosed with global developmental delay and therefore requires support with his speech and within the school setting. Richard's behaviour can at times present as challenging due to the neglect he experienced in the care of his mother. Richard receives support from play therapist to help him understand and make sense of his past. The boys have experienced a great amount of loss in their short lives and therefore require a long-term placement with carers who have an understanding of loss and grief and to ensure they can stay together.

If you think you could offer a home to children like Anne, Kevin or Richard and Toby, please contact the Fostering team and express your interest in fostering.

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