Fees and allowances

From 1 April 2019 – weekly fostering fees and allowances per child placed

Age band: National Allowance: Single Fee: Total:
0 – 4 £181 £125 £306
5 – 10 £165 £161 £326
11 – 15 £165 £181 £346
16+ £206 £181 £387

Holiday Entitlement 

You are entitled to have an agreed two-week ‘break’. During this time you will continue to receive one payment of the foster carer fee only if respite is required.  All other payments will cease during this time.  Carers who wish to take a ‘rest period’ over and above the two weeks will not receive a fee for the respective period.
To ensure children have the best experiences we encourage you to make them part of your plans, therefore if you take your foster child with you on holidays you will receive your normal payment with an additional holiday fee for each child.  The allowance is a maximum of 2 weeks per year paid.

Birthday and Christmas Allowance 

You will be entitled to a Birthday allowance and Christmas allowance

Initial Clothing Allowance 

If a child is being placed for the first time into foster care and does not have adequate clothing you can request an initial one off clothing allowance payment. This is to purchase the basic clothing that the child will need.
The initial clothing allowance is not paid in situations such as a child moving from a short term placement to a long term placement or if a child is moving due to breakdown in placement.

Mileage Allowance 

As a foster carer you are able to claim for additional mileage for any journeys that are over normal everyday travelling for the child and for journeys in relation to your role as a foster carer. 

Mother and Baby Placements 

In addition to the general placements there remain the specialist placements of Mother and Baby.  These payments will be paid at the rate of the child including the fee with an addition of a 16 + allowance for the parent.

Retainer Payments 

If you do not have any placements but are however available you may receive a retainer fee at the highest rate of the previous child in placement.

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