Training and support

Our foster carers have the opportunity to attend a variety of training courses. These are very informal and take place in small groups. They enable foster carers to learn about good practice, discuss issues they may have and build skills and confidence, while having the opportunity to meet with other carers and professionals. These courses are FREE.

Skills to Foster

As part of the assessment process all potential new carers must attend the 'Skills to Foster' training course. This course is run over two Saturdays (10am - 4pm) and two Tuesday (6pm - 9pm) evenings.

Skills to Foster training schedule 2012 - 2014

Training courses

There are a number of mandatory training courses that all foster carers must attend. All of the following courses need to be completed in the first 18 months of your approval and renewed every three years:

  • Safer caring
  • Understanding development and behaviour
  • Listening and communication
  • Eductation: from nursery to independence
  • Paediatric first aid
  • Health and wellbeing of looked after children
  • Safeguarding looked after children in need of protection
  • Improving outcomes for looked after children 

In order to progress from the probationary stage to the mainstream stage and then on to career carer, there are a number of courses available for you to attend to enable you to develop your skills.

See the foster carers training webpage for details.

Other training opportunities

As well as attending courses, there are a number of course available for you to attend to enable you to develop your skills.

In the fostering team we have an extensive range of books, games and DVD's available for you to borrow. We also have a mentoring scheme where an experienced carer will be allocated to you once you are approved, and they will be on hand to offer you some valuable advice and provide guidnace into becoming a foster carer. From time to time we will also point you in the direction of useful websites that may be relevant to you.

What support will I get as a foster carer?

As a foster carer for Caerphilly you will never be on your own and we will support you in any way we can. We all work together as part of a large team.

Individual support – you will be allocated your own fostering social worker who will support you in all aspects of fostering.

Support for the child - any child placed with you will have his or her own social worker.

Support from other carers – once approved you will be allocated a mentor, which is an experienced foster carer who will be there for you for the first six months. Many friendships have been made through fostering and there is now a large support network on hand. Social activities for all carers and their families are also arranged, such as trips to the pantomime, theme parks and also a Christmas party.

Development groups – groups are held 4 times a year. All carers have the opportunity to attend one type of group. Carers will be able to learn more about fostering and the wider picture of looked after children. You will also have the opportunity to meet many other carers who live in your area to share knowledge and ideas.

Financial support - an allowance is paid to foster carers to cover the costs of looking after a child and a fee is paid to the carer. This fee is dependent on experience.

Out of hours support – telephone support from the fostering team is available between the hours of 6pm - 10pm every evening, including weekends, bank holidays and even Christmas Day. There is also an emergency duty team providing telephone support at all times when the office is closed.

Multi-agency support – the council are also able to offer specialist support for you and the children on issues such as health, education and behaviour management .

Newsletter – foster carers produce a newsletter to keep everyone updated with all relevant information.

The Fostering Network – once approved you will become a member of The Fostering Network, who is also on hand to offer you guidance and advice.

Foster carers webpages – a series of dedicated webpages for foster carers has been created that provide lots of useful information as well as online forms to request equipment and book training courses

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