Families First projects

Supporting Family Change

Supporting Family Change (SFC) coordinates support for families in times of need. The project brings together a Team Around the Family (TAF) who can offer support for a wide range of needs, particularly when a family have more than one problem. A lead worker works with the family, along with other agencies to develop a multi-agency plan that focuses on the families’ strengths and helps break the cycle of issues they face, building resilience and accessing other opportunities which meet the families’ needs.

Telephone: 01495 233232 (Caerphilly County Borough Council)

Targeted Youth and Family Engagement

This project provides supported interventions through individual sessions and group based activities that aim to develop personal and social skills, raise confidence and build self-esteem and resilience. There are also a range of activities and support available for the families of children and young people who want to improve their relationships and behaviours within the family. Outdoor activities can also be accessed.

Young Parents can also access community based sessions to support them to overcome barriers, tackle challenges they face and grow and develop as young people and parents.

Telephone: 01443 863033 (Caerphilly County Borough Council)

Families Learning Together

Families Learning Together aims to increase parents’ understanding of how best to support their children’s learning and development. The project helps parents, children and young people improve literacy and numeracy skills through groups in the community and through individual sessions in the home.

Telephone: 01495 233293 (Caerphilly County Borough Council)

Confident Parents, Stronger Families

Aims to assist the development of parenting skills, increase parental capacity and improve family relationships, offering support with a range of needs such as routines, behaviour and aggression. Families will receive initial individual sessions in the home, and then progress onto attending a group based programme or further individual work based on the needs of the family.

Telephone: 02920 852550 (Barnardo’s)


This project offers support for families who suffer with low motivation or low mood, anxiety, depression, social isolation or traumatic life experiences and will help to build resilience, improve emotional wellbeing and support families to feel more positive and confident.

The project will work with the parent, child, young person or whole family. Support will begin with individual sessions in the home before moving onto group sessions or further individual sessions for 8 weeks.

Telephone: 02920 849230 (Action for Children)

Domestic Abuse Children and Young People Outreach

This project provides support for children and young people affected by domestic abuse through both individual and group sessions, ensuring that they are supported to explore, discuss and share their experiences and feelings. The individual sessions may take place in the home, school, or another appropriate venue. The group sessions include focused activities that bring a number of children and young people together, in age-related groups and sessional content.

Telephone: 02920 860255 (Llamau)

Domestic Abuse Family Safety

This project offers individual sessions providing immediate safety work, support, and guidance enabling families affected by Domestic Abuse to remain within their home. This project also provides group sessions for mothers to develop their understanding of the impact that domestic abuse has on them as a parent and on their children. These sessions help mothers to build the skills needed to keep their family safe from future abuse.

Telephone: 02920 860255 (Llamau)

Health Outreach

Provides a post and pre-natal awareness and support package to parents in non-Flying Start areas. The project focuses on providing parents with the skills they need to give their child the best start in life. Support includes:

  • Solihull Antenatal and Postnatal parenting groups
  • 121 bespoke support in the home, including specific support for mothers with a BMI of 30+
  • Responsive feeding (breast and bottle)
  • Baby Massage
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Home Safety checks
  • Dental checks

Telephone: 02920 886860 (Aneurin Bevan Health Board)

Youth Respect

Youth Respect is a project for young people who show early indications of, or are already exhibiting: abusive, aggressive, and controlling behaviours in family or intimate relationships. This project is only available for young people who have been referred through Supporting Family Change or the Youth Offending Service.

Telephone: 01495 235623 (Caerphilly County Borough Council)

More Than Play

The aim of More Than Play is to maximise the learning and development of children through play. The More Than Play Project will work with children aged from 18 months to 2.5 years of age who have emerging developmental delays. This project will deliver a bespoke package in the home with the child and family which will last between 6-8 weeks.

Telephone: 02920 867447 (Action for Children)

Outreach SRB

This project will work with children of Nursery/Reception school age with severe speech and language delays. Referrals will be made from teachers, for one to one support in their schools from the Outreach SRB workers. Referrals for this project must be made at the beginning of the school year until the October half term.

Telephone: 01443 866601 (Caerphilly County Borough Council)

Supported and Assisted Places

Support for children with emerging developmental delays and additional needs who would benefit from being placed in group provision. The setting will support the child to progress against their individual goals.

Telephone: 02920 760767 (Caerphilly County Borough Council)

Little Voices

This project will assist families with children aged 1-3 years old who need support to develop their communication skills due to speech and language delays. The project will run early language development groups for a period of 10-12 weeks (term time). The group sessions offer families opportunities to talk, sing, play, and read a story together.

Telephone: 02921 321511 (Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations)

Confident with Cash

Confident with Cash works with families on an individual basis through home visits and gives them the financial knowledge, skills, and confidence to improve their circumstances. A Welfare Benefits Advisor can also assist with ensuring the families have the correct financial entitlements. In order to access this project, the family must be affected by a disability, have a housing related support need or be working with Supporting Family Change.

Telephone: 01443 878057 (Citizens Advice Bureau)

Children and Young People Advocacy

A confidential, independent service that supports children and young people by helping them to be heard. The project works on a 1:1 basis to enable the child, or young person, to explore their views, wishes, or feelings on a particular issue or circumstance.

Telephone: 02920 098688 (National Youth Advocacy Service)

Parent Advocacy

Also a confidential, independent service that supports parents to be heard. The project works  n a 1:1 basis to enable the parent to be supported and guided through a particular issue or circumstance.

Telephone: 02920 098688 (National Youth Advocacy Service)

Parent Forum

Give parents the opportunity to learn new skills, gain volunteering experience and meet other parents. The groups also get involved in the development and delivery of the Families First Programme helping to shape the projects through workshops, discussions and consultations. Parents are also encouraged to have a voice in the development of other local services and strategies that may affect their lives.

Telephone: 01443 875444 (The Caerphilly Parent Network)

Young Carers

Support is available for young carers from Caerphilly County Borough Council. In addition, Families First provides issue based groups throughout Caerphilly to bring together a number of young carers to share and explore common themes.

Telephone: 01633 615859 (Barnardo’s)

Further information

Caerphilly Families First has a Facebook page. We regularly shared information about all our projects and any upcoming events that we are holding or attending. You can also contact us via Facebook message.


More information about Families First is available on the Welsh Government website.

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