Parenting support

There are many ways that we can help to support you in this important role as a parent. If you are interested in attending a parenting programme or would like to find out more about family support please contact the family support team.

Parenting programmes or courses

A range of parenting programmes are delivered by the Health Teams, our  Family Support Workers, Families First and Flying Start local commissioned partners as well as other project partners. Parenting programmes are delivered in small groups of parents in a community venue within your local or neighbouring community.

  • Parent Nurturing Programme - This is a 10-week positive parenting programme that helps to support parents in developing self awareness and self esteem, appropriate expectations, empathy, and positive discipline.
  • Incredible Years programmes - These vary from 6 to 16 sessions and focus on child development, attachment, behaviours and realistic boundaries.
  • Family Lives - There are several different courses from 1 session to 4 sessions covering all kinds of issues like new baby in the family, sorting our arguments in the family, getting on with your teenager, bringing up confident children, as well as ages and stages of development.
  • Triple P Teenage parenting programme - 5-8 week programme and is mainly delivered as part of a group where we look at positive parenting, encouraging appropriate behaviour, managing problem behaviour, and dealing with risky behaviour. Parents enjoy the supportive atmosphere and particularly like the choices and consequences session and how it improves their confidence in communicating with their teenager.
  • Parents as First Teachers (PAFT) - This is a home-based programme that helps to identify the stage of development of your child and how to best support their skills development as a parent. This programme recognises the important role that parents have.

Family Support Workers

Our experienced Family Support Workers provide 1:1 support in your home as well as in the community. Their role is to support you and your family with day-to-day management, help with life skills and provide a support network.

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