Coronavirus - Social care

Contacting Social Services

Adult Social Services will continue to provide normal services to those who receive social care services for as long as conditions allow. If the siituation changes contact will be made with those people affected. Contact our Adult Services Duty Information team on 0808 1002500 for further advice.

Children's Social Services will provide normal services for as long as conditions allow, if the situation changes please contact the Contact and Referral Team 0808 1001727 for further advice.

Social services provide an emergency service outside of normal office hours. The emergency team can be contacted on 0800 3284432. Their operating hours are Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8.30am and Friday to Monday morning 4.30pm to 8.30am. This service deals only with emergency situations that cannot wait until the next working day

Further information can be found in our contacting social services sectuon.

Home care and residential homes

Our adult social care services are working in partnership with care providers across the county borough, providing them with the latest information and advice. Staff are ready to bell be redeployed to ensure essential services continue with minimal disruption and the most vulnerable members of our society continue to receive the care they need.