Tenant support service

There are lots of changes being made to benefits, such as the reduction in housing benefit for “under occupying”. We understand that these changes will have a serious impact on the lives of many tenants and we’re working hard to provide support to those people affected.

Our team of Tenancy Support Officers (TSOs) offer one to one advice and support to people experiencing difficulties.

The team carry out home visits, where a personal support plan is put together with tenants. This plan will look at what support tenants need, including:

  • financial / budgeting advice
  • energy saving advice
  • employment support
  • help with digital skills 

How to get support

  • If you are a council tenant and would like more information about the Tenancy Support Officers call 01443 811450 or text RENTHELP to 81400. 

  • Other tenants and homeowners can also get support. Call 01443 864548 or text HOUSUPPORT to 81400.

Case study

One tenant helped by the team had fallen into arrears on their rent because of under occupancy (bedroom tax) and a non-dependant charge for their son.

After visiting the tenant and looking further into their situation, the TSOs discovered that the tenant shouldn’t have been paying the non-dependant charge.  This meant money was credited to the tenant’s account and the rent arrears were removed.

The tenant was also told that they were eligible to claim an exemption from the removal of the spare room subsidy from April 2013 and they were given backdated housing benefit.  The TSOs also helped the tenant save money on their water rates, as well as offering energy advice on their gas and electric bills.

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