Tenant involvement

We’re committed to making sure that tenants have a say in the decisions that affect them, their homes, and the areas they live in. We want to empower tenants to get involved at a level that suits them. We do this by offering a range of opportunities for tenants to get involved and by supporting tenants' and residents' groups.

Ways you can get involved

We are always working to develop new ways for tenants to get involved, so if none of the following suits you please get in touch and tell us what does!

  • Housing Improvement Partnership (HIP) - The HIP is made up of tenants who want to work with us to improve housing services. No specialist skills are needed. All we need is your knowledge and experience as a Caerphilly Homes tenant. If you can spare a few hours a month for 6 months of the year then please get in touch. All reasonable expenses will be paid.

  • Armchair reviewers - Armchair Reviewers are tenants who give us feedback on the Caerphilly Homes newsletter and other ways we communicate with tenants all from their comfort of their own homes! Every time an Armchair Reviewer gives us feedback they’re entered into a prize draw to win a £25 high street shopping voucher!  Armchair Reviewers pdf

  • Tenant Information Exchange (TIE) - This is an informal session where tenants can find out more about how Caerphilly Homes and tenants are working together to improve housing services. It’s also a good opportunity to meet and chat with other tenants. Contact us to find out when the next TIE is being held. 

  • ‚ÄčCaerphilly Homes Task GroupThe Task Group has been meeting since September 2012 and considers reports about the housing service and Welsh Housing Quality Standard improvement programme. This includes monitoring all the promises made to tenants during the ballot on stock transfer, receiving information about the operation of the day-to-day housing service and making recommendations to change or improve services. The Task Group has places for seven tenant members and the places are allocated to different areas to ensure representation from all parts of the county borough. There are two members for the Upper Rhymney Valley, two from the lower Rhymney Valley and three from the Eastern Valleys. Nominations for Task Group members are taken every 4 years.

  • Caerphilly Service Improvement Monitors (CSIMs) A group of tenants who’ve been trained to carry out surveys with other tenants. They’re currently carrying out surveys with tenants who have had Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) improvements carried out in their homes.

  • Repairs and Improvements Group - A working group of tenants and officers working together to improve repairs and improvements for all tenants. They look closely at the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) improvement programme and the response repairs service.

To find out more about how you can get involved contact Tenant and Community Involvement Team.


So, you’ve decided you’d like to get involved but not sure you have the experience or skills to do it? Well don’t worry! We can offer free training sessions to support you and help you be involved with Caerphilly Homes, whilst also building your skills.  Attending training courses will not only increase your ability to make a real difference, but may increase your chances of employment and boost your confidence too.

Training guide (PDF)

Expenses and travelling

We will reimburse any money you spend on travelling to and from meetings. If you don’t have use of a car we will arrange transport for you to get there. We also pay care costs if you have someone who needs to be looked after while you attend meetings.

Volunteer expenses booklet (PDF)

Tenant Participation Strategy

Our strategic purpose is to have ‘tenant driven, continually improving services’. Our strategy sets out how we aim to achieve this by providing a range of opportunities for tenants to actively engage with us, giving their views and helping us continually improve services.

Tenant Participation Strategy 2016-2019 (PDF)

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