Conversion grants

Conversion grants are offered at the discretion of the council and are available to owner-occupiers and accredited private sector landlords for the provision of self contained accommodation by conversion of:

  • non domestic accommodation to domestic accommodation
  • domestic accommodation to smaller units of domestic accommodation
  • mixed use accommodation to domestic use
  • bed-sit HMOs to houses

Conversion grants are only available where the council considers the proposal to be appropriate to meet the housing and general needs of an area.

How much grant will I receive?

These grants are subject to a 50% contribution from the landlord, and a maximum grant of £15,000 per unit of accommodation provided.

For owner-occupiers contributions are based on a means test and subject to a maximum grant of £15,000 per unit of accommodation provided.

All applicants must comply with grant conditions for ten years following completion of the grant-aided works.

How to apply

If you think you may be eligible for a conversion grant you can contact Private Sector Housing.

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