Floating support

Floating support is a flexible service that helps you manage your affairs and live as independently as possible.

Floating support

Who can apply?

You can apply for a floating support service if you:

  • are a council tenant or have a partner living with you
  • over 55 years of age
  • willing to accept support based on the support plan we agree with you
  • allow a Floating Support Officer to visit you to offer a free support assessment

What type of support will be provided?

Depending on your need the support can include help with:

  • managing your income, bills and budget
  • signposting you to other services; eg bereavement counselling, adaptations service, etc
  • reporting repairs, sorting out rent and other tenancy issues
  • keeping your home warm, safe and comfortable
  • filling in forms and writing letters
  • befriending services
  • staying in contact with family and friends; avoiding social isolation
  • help with daily living skills
  • connecting you with the local community

How is the service provided?

Housing Support is a free service and there is no time limit on the amount of support provided.

To find out more contact:

Caerphilly Homes Floating Support Team
Telephone: 01443 811431
Email: floatingsupport@caerphilly.gov.uk