Building inspections

Guide to Extending Your Home

This guide will take you through the building control process and aims to show you how your project may be affected by Building Regulations. It contains advice on typical building projects such as extensions, garage conversions, loft conversions and cellar conversions.

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We inspect building work at regular intervals as it progresses to make sure the work comply with building regulations.

Stages of work that require inspection

There are nine potential stages of work that require inspection (although not all nine will be relevant to all jobs).

  1. Commencement of work (notice required)

  2. Excavation of foundations before concreting

  3. Foundations when constructed

  4. Damp proof course when laid

  5. Site concrete or floor slab (before being laid)

  6. Drains (before backfilling)

  7. Drains (after backfilling)

  8. Occupation (in respect of a new property)

  9. Completion of project

These inspections are not necessarily the only ones your building control officer will make. Some jobs will require extra specific inspections such as reinforcement of concrete structures and fire protection to a structure. In addition, an inspector may call unexpectedly at other times to check on the work in progress.

Booking an inspection

Before you book an inspection you will need to have submitted a valid application and paid the required fee.

To book an inspection, please contact us.

If you contact us by 10am and we will complete the inspection on the same day.

Work that fails to comply with building regulations

If work is found to not comply with the regulations we will request that it is altered or removed to put things right. Hopefully, this will be done but if not, then we may serve a legal notice on the building owner requiring him to do so.

Similar action may result if you carry out work without approval or without notification of inspections. However, such enforcement is rare and we are usually able to work with you to resolve matters. For this reason you should request the final inspection before your builder leaves the job. Any problems can then be quickly and efficiently put right.

A completion certificate will be issued on satisfactory completion of the project.

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