SAB technical guidance

We are currently in the process of developing a Sustainable Drainage Design and Adoption Manual applicable to all development within the Caerphilly County Borough with the view to assist all stakeholders in understanding the processes and procedures involved in implemented complainant sustainable drainage.

This manual is intended to support the Sustainable Drainage Approval Body in the determination of approvals, and for use by developers, planners, designers and adopting authorities who are seeking advice regarding the technical standards that we require in new and redeveloped sites for the sustainable management of surface water.

The manual does not intend to replace, or rewrite statutory or best practice documents but to explain how the information within these documents can be best applied to Caerphilly County Borough Council, and sets out the additional requirements, procedures and considerations specific to SuDS in the Caerphilly county borough.

Please keep an eye on our website for further information.

What resources are available?

There is a wealth of information on delivering compliant SuDs freely available online. We recommend you review the following prior to contacting us or making a formal application:

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