21st Century Schools Proposals and Consultations

Schools in Wales need to be in good condition and suitable for the delivery of a 21st Century education.

In some cases, schools can be modernised, repaired, refurbished, extended, or partially rebuilt to meet the standards needed for contemporary teaching and learning. However some existing schools are no longer in the right place, or they are running at a loss. In such cases we might propose new schools or changes to existing schools.

The 21st Century Schools Programme will see a mix of retention and replacement, in line with local needs and the views of staff, pupils and parents. The quality standards which are going to be applied throughout Caerphilly should ensure that all schools, regardless of whether they are new, will be excellent environments for teaching and learning after investment has taken place. 

What is public consultation?

Public consultations form a key part of a statutory process where we as an authority make sure everyone has a chance to give their views and opinions on a specific set of proposals.

Every opportunity is provided for people to have their say; views and opinions received are taken into consideration and reported to the Council's Cabinet, who then makes decisions based on this. 

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There are no live consultations at present.

Band B Programme

The Welsh Government (WG) 21st Century Schools and Education Programme required all local authorities to submit Band B Strategic Outline Programmes (SOP) for consideration by 31 July 2017.

The key aims of the 21st Century Schools and Education Band B investment programme, outlined by Welsh Government are to:

  • Reduce the number of poor condition schools.
  • Ensure that we have the right size schools in the right location, providing enough places to deliver Welsh and English medium education.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient use of the educational estate for use by both Schools and the wider Community.

The ‘Band B’ programme of proposals, totalling £110million, have now been developed. The projects include new school builds, amalgamations, school refurbishments and expansions at sites across the whole county borough.

It is important to stress at this stage these are only proposals and consultation with all key stakeholders will be a critical part of the process as the plans develop over the next 7 years.

Key highlights of the Band B proposals includes:

  • New builds at Upper Rhymney Primary School, Tynywern Primary School, Ysgol Cwm Gwyddon (Welsh Medium), Plasyfelin Primary School, Park Primary School and Gilfach Primary School (Amalgamation)
  • Extension and refurbishment on Llanfabon Infants site to amalgamate Llanfabon Infants and Llancaeach Junior Schools.
  • Relocation of Ysgol Gymraeg Gilfach Fargoed to the refurbished Park Primary School site.
  • Refurbishment of the existing Tynywern Primary School to create a new Welsh Medium Primary school.
  • Refurbishment of a school site to relocate Ysgol Y Lawnt.
  • Refurbishment of a current site to create a fit for purpose Pupil Referral Unit.
  • Expansion of St James Primary School.
  • Creation of an additional specialist provision through the expansion of Trinity Fields School.
  • Relocation of Brynawel Primary School pupils to Upper Rhymney and Idris Davies Schools.
  • Review of sixth form provision, single sex provision and surplus places in Caerphilly West, which will determine £32million of potential investment.
  • Review of childcare provision in the area to be included for all projects .
  • £23million refurbishment of secondary schools.
  • £10million refurbishment of primary Schools.

We welcome feedback on the 21st Century Schools programme so please contact us on 01443 864817 or email 21stcenturyschools@caerphilly.gov.uk.

Please note that although all feedback received will be carefully considered, Caerphilly Council will not be able to make individual replies to responses submitted at this time.