Bus pass for over 60s

If you are over 60 years of age you are entitled to a bus pass allowing free travel on virtually all local bus services in Wales.

The Concessionary Travel Scheme is provided by Caerphilly County Borough Council with financial assistance from the Welsh Government.

How to apply

To apply follow these steps

Who qualifies?

Men and Women over 60 years of age and are residents of Caerphilly county borough.

When can I apply?

You can apply up to four weeks before your 60th birthday or any time after you are 60.

Where can I use my pass?

Your bus pass is valid for free travel at all times, every day on most local bus services anywhere in Wales. You may use your pass on buses that operate over the border into England providing no change of bus is required.

It is not valid for travel on sightseeing buses or coach services eg. National Express, megabus.com, Greyhound.

Your pass cannot be used for travel on buses solely in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What about trains?

Your bus pass entitles you to 34% off local fares on the Transport for Wales Cardiff and Valleys network for travel any time on or after 9.30am Monday to Friday and any time Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. For reduced travel beyond the Valley Lines Network you will need a Seniors Railcard.

Lost or damage my passes

If you need a replacement pass, please contact Travelinks. There is a charge of £10 for the replacement. Once a replacement pass is issued, the previous pass is 'hot-listed' and will not be accepted for travel.

Moving address or change to details

If you move address (within the Caerphilly county borough) or change any of your personal details please notify Travelinks so we can update our records. If you move outside the Caerphilly county borough you will need to notify Travelinks so we can remove you from our database and advise you how to transfer your details to your new local authority.

Passes issued in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland

England, Scotland and Northern Ireland passes are not valid for free travel in Wales. There are some minor exceptions for English local authorities on the boarder of Wales where travel into Wales on through journeys is allowed but not solely within Wales. For more information on concessionary travel in other areas of the UK please visit the Welsh Government website or contact your local council.

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