Travel planning and sustainable travel – Cae Sant Barrwg, Bedwas


19 July 2019


A Travel Plan has been identified for the Cae Sant Barrwg housing estate and Llanmoor Homes have appointed a Travel Plan Co-ordinator to carry out surveys and implementing measures to encourage sustainable and active travel for everyday journeys.

Sustainable urban transport - walking, cycling and mass transit (rail or bus modes) can improve the local environment, reduce local air pollution and congestion levels – and make our communities more desirable places to live, work, and visit.

Engaging with Cae Sant Barrwgs’ Travel Plan can have plenty of positive benefits including:

  • Improving health and wellbeing;

  • Reducing your travel costs;

  • Improving your accessibility to local services;

  • Improving the local road safety;

  • Reducing travel times;

  • Improving your travel choices and options; and

  • Creating a cleaner and more vibrant local community.

  • Make a positive impact on local air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

The Travel Plan requires residents moving into the site to answer a few questions in a survey about their daily travel. Travel patterns will be monitored over the next 3 years from the completion of the initial survey which will provide a better understanding of residents travel choices.

Further information is provided in the Travel Information Pack, including details of how you can claim assistance with bus and rail travel costs, a bike or walking equipment to enable you to travel sustainably in the local area.

Why are we consulting

We are carrying out a survey with residents to establish the base travel patterns of resident’s on the estate a necessary stage in completion of the Cae Sant Barrwg Travel Plan. The surveys will be carried out each year for 3 years and this will help us develop future initiatives and evaluate effectiveness of the Travel Plan.

Ways to give your views

The following link connects to the on-line survey. This is for residents of Cae Sant Barrwg only and should be completed by each resident in the household.

You will also have received a paper version in your travel information pack - please copy if more than 1 survey is required.



Further assistance can be obtained by emailing the Travel Plan Co-ordinator at:

Telephone: 01443 866595

Date results are expected

The outcome of each survey will be included in future newsletters to residents.

Expected outcomes

The travel needs of residents on the estate will be better understood. The survey will inform future initiatives to encourage sustainable travel and to monitor effectiveness of any initiatives implemented.