Tree management FAQs

Frequently asked questions about trees and tree management issues.

There are trees which I think should be protected by a Tree Preservation Order. What can I do?
Can the council prune a tree on private property?
I'm worried about the condition of a tree on council-held land, what can I do?
Falling fruit, leaves and bird mess – can I have the tree pruned or removed, or who should I report this to?
Council tree overhangs my boundary, can I have it pruned?
I am a Housing tenant, how do I get my tree pruned?
Neighbour's tree overhanging into my private property, how do I get it cut back?
Pruning at the wrong time of year, will this damage the tree?
Sticky mess or 'Honeydew' on my car/garden/decking, can I have the tree pruned or removed?
Light to my property is blocked by a tree outside my house, can the tree be pruned/removed?
My TV/satellite reception is poor, can I have a tree pruned or removed?
Tree overhanging and obstructing the public highway, what can I do to get it pruned?
Branches are touching my building from one of the council's trees, can I have it pruned?
Footpath is damaged by tree roots and is in need of repair, who should I contact?
If I see work being carried out on a protected tree, how can I find out if the owner (or neighbour carrying out works to a protected tree) has Council permission?
How do I find out the ownership of trees that concern me or my property?
How can I find out if a tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?