Parc Coetir Bargod

Created from three collieries and surrounded by the communities that worked in them, Parc Coetir Bargod is Caerphilly’s newest country park.  

Enter the park through one of 11 sculpted gateways, walk to and follow the Rhymney River and it’s hard to believe that this quiet and natural place was once the site of the highest coal tip in Europe.

You can explore the fragments of old woodland that escaped the ravages of mining. The river, once trapped in a huge tunnel, is now alive with Dippers, Herons, Kingfishers and if you are lucky Otters.

Bargoed Woodland Park is an unusual place. It’s like countryside but it’s been shaped; shaped by people who lived and worked here years ago and still shaped by those living here today.

If you look at the precise angled slopes with neat flat terraces you’ll see that these aren’t hillside paths worn flat by the hooves of sheep and cows over hundreds of years but slices carved by engineers to stop mountains of coal waste trickling away down-hill. 

On these slopes, trees have been planted, seeds sown and bulbs plugged into the soil to lighten up the park with yellow, white and blue.

Underneath lies the constant black of the coal shale that was dug from 100’s of feet below your two feet. Three collieries worked here, Gilfach, Bargoed and Britannia, the last closing in 1985. This signalled the end of an era, but a time that won’t easily be forgotten. For 9 years, after the closure of the collieries, the park was shaped and shifted and cut and filled reclaiming it back for nature.


How to get there

  • Location: Go to Google maps
  • By bus: All the communities are well served by buses.
  • By train: Trains stop at Bargoed and Gilfach Fargoed stations.
  • By car: The park is just off the A469 Bargoed or the A4049 Aberbargoed. There is a car park at the Pengam traffic lights, and you can also use local parking opportunities.

Contact Details

Telephone: Parc Coetir Bargod on: 01443 875557

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