Tredomen Virtual Office

Whether you are starting up or already running your business from home, the Tredomen Virtual Office can help you to keep your overheads low whilst giving your business the professional edge – without the financial commitment to long term contracts and lengthy leases.

You can save on the additional costs of staffing and running an office by using the virtual office.

The Tredomen Virtual Office can take away some of the pressure of being on your own by providing a professional telephony service for you – ensuring that someone always answers the phone when you are out with your customers.

Services available via the virtual office are as follows:

Business address

This will allow you to use the Tredomen Business and Technology Centre as your business address. This includes a secure mail handling service where incoming mail is stored and can be retained for collection or forwarded to an alternative address. Payment for this facility is on a monthly basis and postal expenditure for mail forwarding is charged at cost.

Professional telephony service

Your business is allocated a direct dial telephone number and the receptionist at Tredomen Business and Technology Centre will answer the phone on behalf of your business.

Your business number is attached to the switchboard at the Tredomen Business and Technology Centre and on ringing, your business name is identified on the switchboard and the call answered accordingly. Telephone messages can be taken and forwarded by email or calls transferred to an alternative number. Payment for this facility is on a monthly basis plus any call costs incurred in re-routing calls.

Fax facilities

A fax receiving service is available. This service uses the fax line that is allocated to the Tredomen Business and Technology Centre's admin section. Faxes are charged per sheet received.

Price list




Business address - mail forwarding

 Calendar month

 £30 recharged at cost

Telephony service - calls re-routed

 Calendar month

 £30 recharged at cost

Fax receiving facilities

 Per sheet received


Photocopying facilities

 Per sheet received


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